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The Only Art Tour to Delight ALL of the senses

French Art school Summer Sept 2017
The only art tour  to delight all of  your senses
‘Not another dark brown painting!’
Perhaps you’ve been to serious art museums before. Yawn, and I know what you mean.
Art with a capital A.   You know you ought to appreciate the paintings, and you would, if only your feet weren’t killing you and you could work out what floor you are on. 
But guess what?  Appreciating and delighting in art on French art School Tour is nothing like that. Hooray!
French Art School- Where Appreciating art is in the experience of Delighting in art

At French Art School, inspirational art highlights are handpicked  and arranged for you,  and after enjoying the very inspiring colourful art, your museum tour concludes  in a pre-booked lunch, table reserved specially for a small group of which you are one,  and you get to enjoy a delicious lunch in a magnificent high-ceilinged room painted with frescoes. Even your feet will appreciate this.

What if that lunch came with a glass of wine serve…