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French Art School Summer Sept 2017

French Art School May 14 - 26,  2018

Tour & Paint with Jacqueline Coates in
the footsteps of your favourite French Impressionists
There comes a time to put yourself first, and enjoy the opportunity of a lifetime, immersing in art in France with a bunch of wonderful like-minded others. That moment is now. 

Immerse yourself in art in Paris and the heart of rural France in May 2018 with renowned art teacher and experienced tour leader Jacqueline Coates as we follow in the footsteps of the French Impressionists, and paint in the very places they painted. Be inpsired and experience what they did to create their paintings. Be inspired by the same unspoiled landscapes. 
Enjoy being part of an exclusive small group of guests and our own private chef and drivers to maximise your time in this well thought out and well organised land package. ( Maxof 10 guests)

Paris, Giverny, The Loire & the Creuse, Limousin
Live it! Breathe it! Paint it!
Picture waking up in Pa…