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How to shop for Vintage French on tour

FRENCH ART SCHOOLHow to bag a French  Vintage bargain  AND get it home

Who doesn’t love shopping and who doesn’t love everything French Provincial?
The great news is that fabulous French vintage doesn’t actually cost a lot to buy you just need to be shown where to find it. 
First of all you will need to know what a Brocante is.

So what’s a Brocante? A Brocante in short is an extremely attractive shop full of gorgeous old French things where you will most likely want to buy everything and take it all home.
To the naked eye, a French Brocante can vary in appearance from looking like a shop full of French antiques, or a bric a brac shop, to looking like a second-hand shop. One thing they have in common is that they are all full of amazing and fascinating items and you are going to have to get an iron will to resist the buying temptation.
They generally turn up on the roadside or in villages or are well kept secrets only the locals seem to know about tucked away in old mill on the river, or in a…