French Art School Tour June 25-July 7, 2018

with Jacqueline Coates

Tour & Paint in
the footsteps of your favourite French Impressionists
There comes a time to put yourself first, and enjoy the opportunity of a lifetime, immersing in art, inspiration and painting in France with a bunch of like-minded others.  

Immerse yourself in art in Paris and the heart of rural France in June 2018 with the go to art teacher and highly experienced tour leader Jacqueline Coates 

'Sweetpeas grow wild in stable yards,
chestnuts plop onto the road and,
in the old apple orchards small, sweet,
windfalls speckle the grass.'

-Christine McCabe The Weekend Australian's travel and gardens journalistwho wrote and published a stunning article about French Art School in Feb 2018!See a copy of the article below the itinerary and booking details.
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